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For me, only Lily is real.
Here is the world of 14-year-olds, as never described by anyone before.

The special edition DVD "All About Lily Chou-Chou", that was sold out when it was first released, is being reprinted for its 10th anniversary.

Special Edition DVD "All About Lily Chou-Chou"
6,090 JPY (tax in)

Special Box Version
This edition includes the theatrical version of the movie plus a bonus disc packed with special features, including deleted scenes!
The Special Features disc includes bonus tracks, trailers, and Lily music clips selected by fans.

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Cast & Staff Bio, Theatrical Trailers, TV Spots, Music Clips, Ashikaga Takauji-kun's Diary, Location Map, Related Items

Director/ Writer: Shunji Iwai
Director of Photography: Noboru Shinoda
Music: Takeshi Kobayashi featuring CLAUDE DEBUSSY
Starring: Hayato Ichihara, Shugo Oshinari, Ayumi Ito, Yuu Aoi, Takao Oosawa, Izumi Inamori, Miwako Ichikawa, et al.
Year: 2001

Number: NND-6

Disc 1 : NND-6-
Run time: 146 minutes/ SS DL/ Color/
Anamorphic 16:9 Letterbox
Subtitles: Japanese
Audio: 1. Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround
Audio: 2. 2.0ch Dolby surround
Region: Region 2

Disc 2: NND-6-
Run time: 93 minutes/ SS SL/ Color/ Standard
Subtitles: Japanese
Audio: Stereo (Dolby Digital)
Region: Region 2